Obsah knihy ANGLIČTINA – maturitní témata:
  1. Family and relationships
  2. Choosing a career, work and employment
  3. The town I live in and its surroundings
  4. Transport and travelling
  5. Seasons of the year, weather and nature
  6. Great Britain, a glimpse of the United Kingdom
  7. School and education
  8. The problems of mankind
  9. Basic facts about the USA
10. Shopping, clothes and fashion
11. Traditions, national holidays, celebrations of the year
12. Housing, buildings, flats and furniture
13. Means of communication, learning foreign languages
14. Canada, the second largest country in the world
15. Cultural life and entertainment
16. Food, meals, eating out
17. Sports and games
18. The Czech Republic
19. Crime and punishment
20. London, the capital of the UK
21. Being ill and keeping fit
22. The daily programme, national stereotypes, international etiquette
23. Australia and New Zealand
24. The European Union, its past and future
25. Reading, literature in English
  A. Preparing projects
  B. School leaving written test